Bear Hungry at Big Catch

The porridge is: piping hot! … Great sushi with beautiful presentation and friendly service as always.

Yay! My second Big Catch post! Oh Big Catch, why do you have to be all the way at the other end of the C-Train line? I guess it’s for my own good or else I would eat nothing but sushi all day.

I tweeted them a while back asking for a custom wasabi piece and they gladly obliged. I just didn’t get around to taking them up on their offer. Last week, I saw that they introduced a “really spicy” roll called Nine One One and I knew Richerd and I had to go try it out immediately.

Turns out they have a few new rolls so we just picked two. 

Meteor Rain $11.75

A wasabi bear. Too awesome for words. If you’ve been to Big Catch before, you’ll know that their sushi platters are basically art. Look at this beautiful wasabi dragon and this floral platter. But of course I had to get a bear. 

Here’s a closer look.


This was tuna and crab meat topped with seared salmon and onions. I can’t remember what the sprinkles were and this isn’t on their menu online… that’ll teach me not to take notes. This roll was delicious! Actually I don’t think I’ve had an item from Big Catch that I didn’t enjoy. I’m usually not a big fan of crab meat in sushi but I really liked the variety of textures in this roll. 

I think this was their inspiration for the wasabi bear.

See the resemblance? 

I had to laugh when I turned the plate and saw this. Apparently wasabi is not as sticky as playdoh and the bear’s ears needed to be propped up. 

Nine One One Roll $11.75

This was what we came for! Crunchy wonton bits and tuna topped with salmon, fire sauce, green onion and cayenne pepper. Would it be spicy? When we ordered, we were informed “it’s spicy!” but we soldiered on. These rolls were slightly smaller than the Meteor Rain pieces. 

The red color looked promising. They had warned us of the spiciness. Fire sauce sounded intimidating. Richerd took a hopeful bite. 

"I don’t taste any spiciness," was his disappointed verdict. 

I tried one for myself. It was not cringe-worthy by any means but it was spicier than the spicy tuna I had before. I would say it was like a mild version of rooster brand chilli sauce. The kick was just enough so that you could still enjoy the flavours of the fish. After 5 of these I could feel a slight burn at the back of my throat though! 

Here are the awesome guys behind Big Catch!

From the left, Nozomu, Shin, and Hoshi. Shin and Hoshi are the masterminds behind the amazing sushi and Nozomu is always cheerfully running the till. They’re all friendly guys and I really appreciated how no one laughed when I said I used to live in Kagoshima. (I lived in the city but Japanese people always laughed goodheartedly when I told them where I was living. “Kagoshima? Hahaha why on earth would you live down there…”) 

Here are some photos from a previous visit:

Has it really been a month since I’ve been to the Kingsland Farmer’s Market? This was their store set-up for October. Big Cat(ch). Get it?

This was the Rodeo Rider roll and it was good. I think it might be my favorite one so far still. I do like my salmon and tuna. 

I really should not write these posts at 1am. Anyone know a good place to get sashimi past midnight? 

Thanks to the guys at Big Catch for another great meal and special thanks to Shin for the amazing piece of art. The bear is still sitting in my fridge…

Big Catch

Kingsland Farmer’s Market

7711 Macleod Trail SE

(403) 708-5555

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